Instructions to authors

The Editorial team is inviting authors to send their contributions to ETC,

after they are sure that:

    • The paper was not previously published in other journals

    • The paper is the result of their own research effort and there is no risk to be accused of plagiarism

    • The property rights are automatically transferred to the George Bacovia Press immediately after the acceptance of the paper to be published in ETC

    • The paper wouldn’t be offered to another publisher without the previous acceptance of George Bacovia Press

    • There was paid the fee of 50 euro/ paper (or its equivalent in lei) in the George Bacovia account (to be announced after the acceptance of the paper).

Technical and editorial issues:

  • The sent papers should have 6-10 pages (References included)

  • The papers are peer reviewed by anonymous reviewers

  • The paper should contain an Abstract with the following structure: Purpose, Methodological approach, Findings, Implications for practice, Conclusions and recommendations

  • The text and References should be written with Times New Roman 11

  • It is important to use “I” instead of “we” if there is a single author (a bigger responsibility is supposed to appear)

  • A good correspondence between title and content is expected

  • Introduction and Conclusions are not numbered

  • The paper should be structured in at least 2 chapters

  • The introduction explains the reasons for researching the chosen issue, the principal methods used and some essential findings. The original contributions should be put clearly into evidence.

  • The proper names of authors quoted should be bolded, and quotations texts should be italicized in order to easy observe the appeal to other authors, the literature studied etc.

  • A clear definition of the terms used is necessary, not only to avoid confusions but to have the author’s image on it

  • An as large as possible review of literature that treats same or similar problems is required

  • Do not use page numbering

  • No quotation without sending to the source! It is not a shame to have many quotations, it is a penal guilty to use others’ ideas and not to clearly indicate the source

  • The paper must respect the following template.

The authors retain copyright and publishing rights without restriction. + If you quote articles published in Economy Transdiciplinarity Cognition Journal, please use the following model:

Author name, article title, Economy Transdisciplinarity Cognition Journal, George Bacovia University Publishing House, Bacau, volume number, issue number/year